Repair multifunction device

The article talks about a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate the typical malfunction of a multifunction device (MFP). Modern MFPs, consisting of a printer and scanner with a wireless control and data transmission channel (по Wi-Fi), not only on the desktop or office desk, but also… Continue Reading


Voltage transformer (12/∼220В) with audible and visual indication

Presenting DC converter circuit 12-volt battery to AC 220 AT. For many readers, at first sight this scheme seems very complicated and expensive, but it turns out, that the creation of this type of transducer is not difficult. The most expensive component of the converter: toroidal mains… Continue Reading


Avago Technologies: ACPL-336J / ACPL-337J - intelligent optocouplers highly integrated circuits for controlling the gates of the power transistors in the circuits of inverters and motor drivers

Optocouplers in compact packages ACPL-336J and ACPL-337J significantly reduce the cost of the final solution, increased efficiency and system reliability. Devices capable of providing an output voltage, equal to the supply voltage (Rail-to-Rail Output), and allow you to directly control the gate power MOSFET- or IGBT-transistors. , Avago introduced new… Continue Reading


ON Semiconductor: NCP4355 — вторичный контроллер для импульсных источников питания с режимом выключенного состояния для сетевых адаптеров с минимальным потреблением в режиме ожидания

NCP4355 — схема управления вторичной частью импульсного источника питания, предназначенная для устройств, где необходим чрезвычайно низкий уровень энергопотребление в режиме без нагрузки. NCP4355 способен определять отсутствие нагрузки и переводить источник питания в выключенное состояние, в течение которого контроллер первичной частиContinue Reading