The push-pull half-bridge converter

Let us study a schematic diagram of a two-stroke half bridge converter, of an international naming «half bridge» (rice. 1). Fig.1. The push-pull half-bridge converter As long as the gates of the transistors are not received voltage, they are closed. The voltage at the middle point of the capacitive divider, performed on the capacitors C1 and C2 of the same capacity,… Continue Reading


Basic information about the magnetic cores of winding components for

Not every material can be used as a magnetic core. In choosing the material usually helps shape his knowledge of the hysteresis curve. for example, if the ferromagnetic hysteresis curve has a narrow elongated shape, it indicates, что такой материал можно использовать в качестве магнитопроводаContinue Reading


Kvazidvuhtaktny totem forward converter

In devices with a load capacity up to ten kilowatts (For example, welders) used single-ended forward converter with two switching transistors. Schematic diagram of a single-phase kvazidvuhtaktnogo forward converter, which abroad called "forward two transistor", It is shown in Fig.1. Fig.1. Схема квазидвухтактного двухтранзисторного прямоходовогоContinue Reading


Single-ended forward converter

Consider the concept of a single-phase single ended forward converter (Fig.1), abroad which is called «forward». Fig.1. The scheme of single-ended forward converter Let during the forward stroke key transistor VT1 opened, TV1 through the primary winding of the transformer current flows, creates a magnetic field in the core. at secondary… Continue Reading