Stroboscope for setting the ignition timing

1 In the case of replacement tramblera, or repairs associated with the ignition mixture, whether the carburetor change, confronted with the fact that the need to adjust the ignition timing.
What is the ignition timing(UOZ)-crank angle from the time, wherein in the spark plug starts to be supplied to the breakdown voltage of the spark gap to the piston TDC classes.
To configure the CPP, most artists use the so-called car strobe, which breaks at the moment when the spark runs on the spark plug. In detail how to use a stroboscope for POPs settings can be seen on the Internet. In the same article shows a simple diagram of car strobe, who with his own hands can collect almost any beginner radio amateur.
Driving device:2

When the device is connected to the battery capacitor C1 through resistor R3 quickly starts charging. Having reached a certain level, voltage across the LED and the resistor R4 is supplied to the base of transistor, that opens. At the same time, it relays P1, its contact closes the circuit and prepares, consisting of a thyristor, relay contact P1, light-emitting diodes and a capacitor C1 alert. On admission to the control electrode of the thyristor via the divider R1, R2 pulse from pin X1 there is an instantaneous opening of the thyristor and the capacitor is quickly discharged through the LEDs. A bright flash occurs! The base of the transistor, through a resistor R4 and a thyristor connected to ground and the transistor is closed, disconnecting relay.

Since the relay anchor has a small inertia and residual magnetization, the contact is opened not immediately, and within a few microseconds, thereby increasing the time of combustion LEDs. contact opens, the thyristor circuit is de-energized and switches to an initial condition, waiting for the next pulse. Thanks to this flickering strobe light becomes brighter and the mark on the handwheel is easily visible, leaving a small loop. By selecting the capacitor can be controlled combustion duration LEDs. The larger capacity, the brighter flash, but longer trail marks. At a lower capacity increases sharpness tags, but decreases the brightness. It is impractical to do so as the GPC setup will have to do in the dark, that is not very convenient.http://cxem.netAfter assembly, the strobe must check the. Connecting to terminals X2 and X3 constant voltage source 12c. With the closure of terminals X1 and X2 each other should be "buzzing" relay (CONTACT-mode).
When configuring the RMA should be on the label of a flywheel or pulley by a stroke cause the white point for better visibility. Elements arranged in the housing strobe LED flashlight. Through the rear opening torch wire feeder passes around a length 0,5 m, at the ends of which are soldered crocodiles with the corresponding color-coded. With side hole is drilled in the housing, is passed through shielded wire contact X1. Its length should not exceed 0,5 m. At the end of the screen braid are wrapped with insulating tape, and a central core soldered copper wire length 10 Cm, which serves as a sensor stroboscope. This wire must be wound when connecting to the high voltage wire over the insulation of the first cylinder, enough 3-4 Revolution. Winding needs to be done as close as possible to the candle, to eliminate the influence of adjacent conductors.
The details: The compact design of the components used. Transistor KT315 - it can be found in any hardware of yesteryear with any letter index. Thyristor KU112A - from old TV pulsed power supply. Resistors compact 0,125vt. Flashlight with diodes 6-12 pcs. If the flashlight is equipped with an electronic beacon, then this card is removed. A capacitor C1 for voltage less 16c. The diode V2 virtually any low frequency KD105, D9. small-sized relay (BS-115-12A-DC12V), (RWH-SH-112D, 12A, Cat. = 12c). You can also use a small-sized domestic relay eg RES-10 with a voltage of 12V coils.

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