Voltage and current meter

One of the main instruments in the amateur radio laboratory - regulated power supply. To improve the efficiency and ease of operation it is useful to supplement the built-in output voltage and load current meter. Descriptions of such meters are quite common on the Internet, and amateur radio magazines. but sometimes,… Continue Reading


Built voltmeter on PIC12F675

In this device, the author used the original control method chetyrohrazryadnym semielementnym LED signals with only four pins of the microcontroller. In the program the microcontroller provides an automatic calibration of the voltmeter mode. Compound already traditional LED digital display with the microcontroller via a serial converter in… Continue Reading


The relay turns on the microcontroller PIC12F675

Every motorist not once faced with a situation, when it begins to "sticky" turns relays. Moreover, it can "get stuck" like when you turn to the right, and when turning left. On the road, sometimes the trouble is eliminated by lightly tapping on it, but, usually, не­надолго. cardinally… Continue Reading