The simplest stereophonic UMZCH class D

Recently, UMZCH class D has become widespread. One of the ICs for UMZCH class D PAM8403 is described in this article. For small-sized UMZCH, it is necessary to solve several mutually exclusive problems. Such UMZCH should have: small dimensions; low supply voltage (3…6… Continue Reading


Power supply filter with increased protection

The article proposes a simple surge protector that will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to household radio equipment from high-voltage impulse noise in the network. 230 B / 50 GC. The proposed power filter, by the level of protection they provide, In most cases, will be much more effective, what filters, embedded… Continue Reading


Metal detector

The article describes a simple metal detector, allowing you to find not only hidden electrical wiring, but also metal objects under a layer of snow or soil. The metal detector is based on the scheme of the well-known Pirate metal detector, but signal processing is done differently. The schematic of the metal detector is shown in Fig.. 1. Setting… Continue Reading