Presetting unit for VHF-FM receiver

If you want to make a VHF-FM receiver, usually take K174HA34 chip or some of its analogue, and collect the receiver on the template with electronic adjustment variable resistor. Many stores have electronic components constructor sets, representing a packet of the printed circuit board and a set of parts for… Continue Reading


Thermostat with high accuracy maintaining the temperature

A typical drawback of almost all simple analog thermostats – as insufficient resolution setpoints and maintenance of its lack of precision. The proposed standard is an improvement thermostat temperature control circuit, performed on an analog comparator, and it is designed to replace obsolete electronics in household incubators.… Continue Reading


Revised hours CX-2158

To enhance the usability of a clock CX-2158 (China manufacturing) they were produced by some dorabotki.Sami own clock CX-2158 are quite functional. They have an aesthetic appearance, timing support during a power outage, two-level brightness of the lamp, pleasant tone indicators glow… Continue Reading


Repair the power supply PA-1650-66 (+19 AT, 3.42 BUT) ASUS laptop

article, the author describes the power supply circuit model PA-1650-66 ASUS laptop, with the output voltage +19 The maximum permissible current 3.42 BUT, and describes its repair. Scheme was the author of the circuit board inspection. This power supply (IP), Chinese manufacturing,… Continue Reading