Simple thermostat to comparator

The idea of ​​such a device has arisen during the upgrade amplifier 4 TDA2030A. Very much I did not like the fan noise. The music he heard certainly was not but, when the music is turned off, fairly loud fan whirring was heard, blowing radiator. As a result,… Continue Reading


A device for starting and braking of a single-phase induction motor with a starting capacitor

In the article the description of the device for contactless tripping start winding single-phase induction motor with squirrel-cage rotor with capacitor start, providing electrodynamic engine braking when disconnected from the mains. The device automatically shuts off the said winding at the end of the start-up process using… Continue Reading


Powerful linear power supply

when repairing, testing and tuning of electrical devices, from consuming a relatively large power source current, requires an appropriate regulated power supply, capable of for a long time to give the required power load. When, for whatever reason do not wish or can not use a power supply with a switching regulator… Continue Reading


The finalization of a computer power supply "Delux"

In carrying out routine maintenance of a personal computer, it was found, that the power supply model «Delux ATX-450W P4" stopped cooling fan. As it turned out, fan was defective, but it did not work including the fan sensor. Because even in the idle running computer (no forced… Continue Reading