Switching Power Supply on chips TinySwitch

Many amateur radio operators use in their designs pulsed flyback power supplies, and meet with them in the repair of various radio. In this article, the author talks about UPS, which are going on popular chips of several series TinySwitch. The American company Power Integrations has developed and… Continue Reading


Features car audio

The article discusses the shortcomings of serial car audio systems and ways to improve their sound.. The main reason, which only exacerbates the hatred of audio engineers for car designers, – it’s the latter’s saving at every cost price and cooperation is almost exclusively with manufacturers of disgusting audio equipment… Continue Reading


Budget amplifiers «Super – A »class output stage bipolar transistors

The article provides an overview of audio amplifier power (UMZC) Amateur Radio development, positioned as a class amplifiers «Super – BUT". The article is addressed mainly to those readers of, who are accustomed to think independently, and are qualified. I hope, that the information below is for… Continue Reading