How does tapping mobile phones and how to protect yourself from it

GSM technology was initially developed and implemented to meet the requirements of state bodies on the security level. To maintain this safety, Most countries in the world prohibit the use and sell powerful encoders, scramblers, kryptooborudovanye, as well as highly secure public communications technology. Themselves as telecom operators… Continue Reading


Equipment for radio amateur workplace

For building and repair of electronic equipment ham radio creates for himself workplace. Most often it is a table, equipped with a light source, electrosolderers and any devices, For example, осцил­лографом, laboratory power supply, etc.. P. At the beginning of each device must be enabled,… Continue Reading


stun device

The scheme is simple and comprises a small number of parts. The basis is simply to stun pulse PWM modulator two transistors VT1, VT2. winding L1- exciting, winding L2- nagruzochnaya.Printsip actions At power button KN1 runs modulator, working in autogeneration mode. During operation… Continue Reading