Road blocker based mobile phone

The proposed motor vehicle lock circuit via the cellular phone, simple and does not cost much. You will need any cell phone with a new "SIM" card, phone charger from the onboard vehicle network, небольшое количество радиодеталей для блока коммутатора и кнопка.Continue Reading


Hearing aid on the chip TDA2822M

Consider the scheme simple and reliable hearing aid on the chip TDA2822M. Great sound quality can be achieved when using chip TDA2822M. The main feature of the chip – uncritical Power. The chip keeps working capacity at low power to 1,5V, which allows its use in portable… Continue Reading


Urban charging stations on solar power for mobile phones

  Looks like, that the authorities of New York decided to greatly ease the lives of residents and visitors, resorting to new developments in the field of alternative energy. Together with the telecommunications provider AT&T и разработчиком портативных солнечных систем для выработки электрической энергии Goal Zero они собираются установитьContinue Reading