Regulator power soldering iron with digital display and push-button control

Most of us spend a lot of time in hand with a soldering iron. Not a secret, that a good soldering of components is key to successful operation of the electronic device. soldering quality is determined by the characteristic luster. Grayish and uneven solder is a potential cause of bad operation of the circuit. another important… Continue Reading


Stop battery discharge

The proposed device constantly monitors battery voltage the battery during its operation, preventing deep discharge, prejudicial to the state of the battery. Limiter discharge disconnects the load from the battery when the voltage drops below a predetermined threshold value. Description of similar purpose devices published in… Continue Reading


Features and repair televisions processors TMRA88hh family firm TOSHIBA

All chassis, which are equipped with TVs, assembled in China or in the CIS of Chinese parts, It never failed to meet not only the concept of, but often even the internal structure. This is because, that the data are standardized chassis (universal), produced in factories,… Continue Reading