Simple switching power supply 200 W

The power supply unit comprises a small number of components . The pulse transformer used as a typical step-down transformer of the power supply of the computer. At the entrance stands NTC thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient) - the semiconductor resistor with a positive temperature coefficient, which dramatically increases its resistance, when… Continue Reading


Pulse 300W PSU

As the core can be applied E42 / 21/15 or SH12×15 with a clearance of 0.5 mm from the ferrite 2000NM1. transformer winding parameters: * First winding shakes 1-3 start with 3 O - 11 wire windings NDV 2 -1mm * Insulation 1 layer * The next 6-7 start with 6 O -… Continue Reading


The metal detector Tesoro Eldorado

modes of operation: – static All Metal – without discrimination threshold backgrounds Specifications: -The operating principle of induction balanced -Operating frequency 8-10kGts -Mode work accurately detect dynamic -Mode (Pin-Point) have static Meals, 12 The control adjusts the sensitivity level control adjusts the threshold has… Continue Reading


The new scanner can quietly remove fingerprints from a distance of more than 5 m.

Fingerprinting, It has long been used to identify a person's identity, It has always been a rather complicated procedure, which used ink and paper. Over time and with the advancement of technology this procedure is simplified, appeared electronic fingerprint scanners, who received fingerprint, приложенного к поверхностиContinue Reading