Surface Mount Microphone with MIPI SoundWire Support

This article discusses the features of the world's first microphone supporting the MIPI SoundWire standard. TDK Corporation introduces the world's first microphone supporting the MIPI SoundWire standard., designed for mobile, IoT and other consumer devices. This multi-mode device pushes the boundaries of acoustic… Continue Reading


Determining battery level. Solutions from Maxim's

In the face of flowering mobile battery current measurement (batteries) – an important and urgent task. Today there are many applications, where accurate estimation problem is particularly critical charge. This electric transport, aircrafts, a variety of medical and other equipment. Only 20 years old… Continue Reading


Improving the reliability of smoke detectors IP212-43M

The article describes the finalization of the fire detector using additional power supply and LED. Smoke detector standalone type IP212-43M production of "ITT-Signalspetsavtomatika" is designed to detect sunbathing, which is accompanied by the appearance of smoke. When triggered, the sensor device submits intermittent alarm sound.… Continue Reading