Repair the power supply PA-1650-66 (+19 AT, 3.42 BUT) ASUS laptop

article, the author describes the power supply circuit model PA-1650-66 ASUS laptop, with the output voltage +19 The maximum permissible current 3.42 BUT, and describes its repair. Scheme was the author of the circuit board inspection. This power supply (IP), Chinese manufacturing,… Continue Reading


Repair of switching power supply DSO-0121-03B 24-port switch models LG LS-3124A

The article lists the specifications, principle of operation, assembly and schematic circuit, assignment of radio and repair switching power supply DS0-0121-03B, Switch LS-3124A company LG.Statya intended both for DIY repairers, and for ordinary computer users, who themselves want to repair damaged power supply… Continue Reading


USB-Drives. Device, malfunction, restoration and repair

Flash memory (English. Flash–Memory) – a variety of solid-state semiconductor nonvolatile writable memory. It can be read many times, but writing in this memory can be only a limited number of times (usually about 10000 time). Flash memory – It is the basis of USB-drives, which users affectionately call… Continue Reading