Metal detector

The article describes a simple metal detector, allowing you to find not only hidden electrical wiring, but also metal objects under a layer of snow or soil. The metal detector is based on the scheme of the well-known Pirate metal detector, but signal processing is done differently. The schematic of the metal detector is shown in Fig.. 1. Setting… Continue Reading


metal detector

The magazines often printed diagrams of various metal detectors. Somehow I had to determine the course of the water pipe through the site. Tested several schemes, the desired result is not obtained. sensitivity weak. When the frequency of the generator has been chosen by me 465 kHz, and a tunable circuit… Continue Reading


Metal powder sensor on the laser printer

Metal powder can be collected from the sensor on the printer. Only need to replace the reel and add display unit and a power source. Driving one of the sensors (TS0505ANA TDK-79S A1842455) shown in Figure. 1. He assembled a CMOS chip, similar in functions and pinout… Continue Reading