Simple thermostat for fan

Noise, constant stress and other activities, that affect our psyche everywhere, make you constantly look for solutions, allowing us to drown our everyday devices. Noise in front of the computer after several hours, produced by a running fan of the computer's power supply, also gets very annoying. The proposed scheme was created "on demand" and is designed to ensure the lowest possible fan speed, so that the temperature of the cooled elements never exceeds the permissible.

Simple thermostat for a fan on the TDA1151

Simple thermostat for a fan on the TDA1151

The basis of the scheme (rice. 1) is a built-in engine speed controller - integrated circuit TDA1151.

Simple thermostat for a fan on the TDA1151

rice. 1

This is a typical manufacturer's application, only a thermistor is used instead of a control potentiometer, which acts as a temperature sensor. Correctly assembled circuit using functional elements can be immediately placed into the power supply. temperature sensor (thermistor) should be attached to the heatsink in the power supply, preferably by gluing it with silicone glue.

The printed circuit board of the device is shown in Fig.. 2.

Simple thermostat for a fan on the TDA1151

rice. 2

To connect the regulator to the PC, disconnect the cables from the power supply board, feeding fan, and connect them to this device, the same with the fan.

After turning on the power of the computer, you will immediately feel the positive effect of modifying your personal computer.

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