Recovering a computer mouse with a wireless adapter

This article describes a simple method to recover a computer mouse with a wireless adapter after mechanical damage.

Computer wireless optical mouse is convenient when using not only with a laptop. It can also be used in other versions with wireless connection as a remote control to control a computer, audio-, video- and other household appliances, for example, in my farm, she regularly and for many years has served in the video surveillance system, to control the Jassun DVR, on a digital storage device and in the digital memory of which video information is recorded from four video cameras, installed at home and outside.

Distance of the wireless optical mouse from the transmitter-receiver, installed in the USB port, can reach 3-6 m, which is convenient when controlling a DVR and other electronic equipment. A wireless mouse for any electronic equipment, having a USB port is very convenient to control in different modes: with a few clicks and movements, you can open the software "menu", set the parameters of the desired operating mode. In the video recorder in my example, a wireless optical mouse allows you to quickly view video fragments from different cameras (manual control to implement the same option requires much more effort) besides, that you also need to go to the DVR itself. When working with a laptop in field conditions, this "accessory" is also very convenient.

At the bottom of the mouse case there is a special compartment for storing the transceiver, which reduces the risk of losing it. The wireless type of communication is implemented at a frequency 2.4 GHz, optical sensor resolution 1200 dpi. An AA battery with a voltage 1.5 AT.

Compact universal shape, smooth cursor movement, miniature transceiver adapter, connectable to external USB port, price 2 USD – all the device is good except for the "mechanical part" – plastic cases. Once upon a fall from a height 1 meter from table to floor, the mouse is out of order. In the process of a simple repair, described below, found out a quick way to restore its performance.

When falling, usually, the fastening of the most important structural elements is lost in three places. Two contact pads come out of the grooves ("plus and minus") in the battery compartment so, that the installation of a new battery shifts these pads deep into the body and the electrical contact is lost. And the third significant drawback – the transparent plastic element of the optical sensor is displaced from the "regular place", in which on one side there is a niche for a red LED, and on the other – a photodetector is installed at an angle on a special micro-assembly. Therefore, the optical sensor does not work after such a violation..

For repair, disconnect the battery, and carefully disassemble the mouse case. It is secured with only one screw and two plastic clips. I already said, that body – the weakest part of this inexpensive device. After removing the housing cover, combined with two platforms (under the index and middle finger) the view opens, shown in Fig. 1.

rice. 1

Control buttons (Fig.1), implemented by two microswitches, on which, when closed, the parts of the housing cover are pressed (under two different fingers), visible on the left in Fig. 1between them there is a "scroll wheel". Clear plastic optical sensor system and LED are also clearly visible.

For repairs you need to carefully 1-2 with drops of instant glue, fix the plastic "window" of the optical sensor in its original place so, so that the LED work surface (Cm. Fig.1) was exactly in the center of this element. In this case, the LED can be tilted and bent – the length of its pins allows. Usually, from the impact of the mouse body on a hard surface, not only the optical sensor element comes out of the mounting slots, but the LED itself is displaced.

Then two contact pads must be installed in their original places using a screwdriver and fixed there with instant glue. The exit of the contact pads from the grooves is illustrated in Fig. 2.

rice. 2

A few practical tips

Instant glue must be handled carefully, as it not only glues surfaces quickly, but, if you do not calculate its mass (drops) penetrates other elements of the device. This could result in irreparable damage to the electronic part of the product or, at least on plastic, excess glue will leave an ugly white coating.

There is no separate power switch for this model of computer mouse.. If at the end of the work the battery is left in the computer mouse case, then the device will remain operational for a month or more. but, I recommend removing the battery – for the same savings, and also do not use salt batteries in this case, which over time "flow", and may irreparably damage the electronics of the device.

Some models of wireless pointing devices such as "computer mouse" may be sold without an adapter – such devices are designed to, that the laptop already has a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi receiver. In many laptops, even 10 years ago, such functionality is indeed available.. The type of transmitter is usually indicated in the description for the device., as well as on the packaging. An abbreviation can be written on the mouse instead of Bluetooth, for example, BT 5.0. To use a mouse, the laptop must have an appropriate type of receiving device.

Author: Andrei Kashkarov, g. St. Petersburg

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