Three simple tips to extend battery life

Everybody knows, that lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time and lose their original capacity. This is very annoying for users., but beneficial for smartphone sellers, who can sell a new battery to the same device every two years on average.

A team of scientists from the University of Michigan, by analyzing the technical literature and instructions of the electronics manufacturers, released research, which shows proven ways to extend battery life.

There are two main forms of battery degradation: capacity reduction and power reduction. Loss of capacity – is a decrease in the total amount of energy, which the battery can store, and power loss – is a decrease in the amount of energy, which she is able to provide at a given time.

During use, the properties of all battery components – electrolyte, cathode, anode and separator, gradually deteriorate. Several factors speed up this process., some – на­оборот. The researchers paid attention to those of them, which allow you to maximize effectively and simply increase the durability of batteries. It turned, there are not so many of them, and some of them may be familiar to you.

How to properly charge the battery, to extend its life

First of all, no need to expose batteries to extreme high or low temperatures, especially during recharging. Excessive cooling or heating will degrade all battery components. It is best to operate the battery at a temperature of 10-35 ° C. This is why some EV manufacturers recommend leaving the vehicle plugged in in hot weather to, for the cooling system to work.

Secondly, lithium-ion batteries deteriorate faster, if the charge level is outside the range 20-80%. Fully charge your smartphone if needed, by immediately disconnecting it from the network upon reaching 100%. To extend battery life, you must definitely give up the habit of putting your gadgets on charge all night.

Thirdly, it is better not to use fast charging devices – strong current has a detrimental effect on the condition of the battery. A similar consideration applies to energy-intensive applications or aggressive ways of driving an electric vehicle. – all of this will negatively affect battery life. If there is no need for high-speed charging of the smartphone, you can get a slow charger (power adapter with output current 1 BUT).

Adherence to the above recommendations will extend battery life and make battery replacement less frequent., which will reduce your costs and harm to nature.

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