Executive triac module

Исполнительный симисторный модуль

Executive triac module

Feature devices

  • load voltage: ~220 VAC / 12 A max. (for triac of the circuit 2.5 kW)


Execution unit, using triac (simistor) any power, intended only for device management, is powered by the network ~220V. Electric actuator module circuit is shown in Figure. 1. Power switching load depends on the characteristics of the triac.

Executive triac module

rice. 1

Okryvaetsya triac at the time the DC voltage on CON1. DC voltage for opening the triac Q1 (BT136/600) It depends on parameters Q2 optocoupler. In the case of a triac optocoupler MOC3040 – voltage of about 3-6V.

The printed circuit board shown in Fig. 2

rice. 2

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