touch dimmer

The dimmer allows you to change the brightness of the lights glow through the touch contact. The device has three modes of operation lamps. The transition to the next mode by alternately touching the sensor.

Touch dimmer is based on 8-pin IC chip TT8486A / TT6061A, specially made for applications with touch dimmer.

touch dimmer

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originally, when the power switch is in the "on", the lamp is off. If you touch the touch panel, lamp lights up weakly (1-th luminescence mode). A second touch lamp gives an average light (2-th luminescence mode). With the third light is lit on the touch 100% its capacity. Next touch turns off the lights.

Since the integrated circuit is very sensitive, you must use a long wire to connect it to the sensor touch.

The circuit uses a minimum of external components. For the touchpad, you can use ordinary copper plate with dimensions 1 cm × 1 cm or even the end of the compensation cable.

The touch panel is connected to the sensor detector through capacitors 2 KB, C1, C2 and C3, connected in series with the capacitance value 820 pF.

TT6061A chip is connected to the meter / decoder via a resistor, a clock input CK connected to the meter / decoder via a frequency generator. Signal frequency signal is received at terminal resistor R4 2 chip TT6061A.

When the zero crossing triac (BT136) It controls the lamp power 200 W.

Supply voltage dimmer circuit 6,8 The network is taken directly from the resistors R1 and R3, diode D3, capacitor C4 and Zener diode and supplied to the input terminal 3 power source integrated circuit.

capacitors C1, C2 and C3, connected between the input terminal 4 and a touch panel, remove the overvoltage on the touch panel, therefore, do not replace these capacitors other capacitor or a capacitor with a lower rated voltage.

be careful, the circuit has the potential network 220 AT.

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