Arm extends the platform of artificial intelligence

Arm announced significant additions to their platform of artificial intelligence (AI), including the new IP of machine learning (ML), processor Arm Cortex-M55 and Arm Ethos-U55 NPU.Ethos-U55 NPU – micronucleus processor is the industry's first (neural processor) for the Cortex-M, designed to provide a combined jump 480x ML-performance microcontrollers. IP, and supports a unified set of tools will help equipment designers and AI software to expand its innovative capabilities by increasing the ML level of processing on the device for billions of small IoT with limited power consumption and embedded devices.

"For widespread use of AI from manufacturers and device developers need the local machine learning technologies in the billions and, in the end, trillions of devices ", – said Deepti vacanam, senior vice president and general manager of the automotive industry and areas IoT, Arm. "With these additions to our platform AI no device is left behind, as the built-in ML on the tiniest of devices will become the new normal, which will ensure safe use of the potential of AI in a wide range of life-changing applications ".

With the introduction of IoT, Improved AI and 5G, greater intellectual capacity on the device will mean, that smaller, sensitive to cost device can be made more intelligent and more capable at the same time taking advantage of greater privacy and reliability due to less depending on the internet cloud or. By providing this information on intellectual microcontrollers, Designed from the ground, Arm aims to reduce silicon costs, and the development and accelerate time to market producers.

Arm Partners currently deliver more 50 billion chips based on the Cortex-M in a wide range of applications for customers. Together with Cortex-M55 Arm offers today a processor Cortex-M with the artificial intelligence and the first based on Armv8.1-M architecture with vector processing technology Arm Helium to significantly improve the energy efficiency of a DSP and ML. , Cortex-M55 provides a 15-fold increase in productivity and ML 5-fold increase in performance DSP more efficiently than previous generations Cortex-M.

Besides, Arm will be available to special instructions for the processor expansion capabilities to optimize a particular workload, that it is a new feature for the Cortex-M processors.

Now Arm Cortex-M55 connects with Ethos-U55, first microkernel device Arm. Together they are able to provide a cumulative increase in the productivity ML 480 fold compared with existing Cortex-M processors.

Ethos-U55 offers a variety of settings and is designed specifically to accelerate the withdrawal of ML in the limited area of ​​embedded devices and IoT devices. Its advanced compression methods save energy and significantly reduce the size of the ML, to ensure that the neural network, who had previously worked only on large systems.

Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55 are fully supported by software tools Arm, provides a unified design flow for traditional workloads, DSP и ML – with a special integration and optimization for leading machine learning systems, since TensorFlow Lite Micro.

This technology is fully supported by the industry ecosystem partners, including Amazon, Alif Semiconductor, Bestechnic, Cypress, Dolby, Google, NXP, Samsung и STMicroelectronics.


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