Module for LED text display

The device is a single advertising module, allows you to create an information and billboard Home, shop, Vehicle and t. P..

One module is formed by a matrix of 5 × 7 LEDs, and the corresponding mark is created by soldering LEDs and their respective current limiting resistors. Picture 1, illustrating the most important symbols, started from the matrix 5 × 7, it may be useful when writing.

rice. 1

The board also has room for “chereshkov”. Dimensions of one module 45 mm × 80 mm. modules advantage is the possibility of combining them. Each plate is provided on the lower side, respectively, enlarged soldering points, through which we can, soldering "bottom" section silverware, assemble boards of any length. These points should also be connected to the supply voltage source.

rice. 2

When connecting the modules must be aware of providing sufficient supply current efficiency, which must always be greater, than the estimated power consumption. Diode limiting resistors should be chosen depending on the type of diodes. The following formula can be helpful when selecting a resistor: R = (U-Uled) / Iled.

rice. 3

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