LED star

Light and interesting LED effect, imitating a brilliant four-pointed star. It can be hung on a Christmas tree or window, or even put on a shelf for decoration.Specifications

  • Light source – LEDs
  • management – integrated circuit with integrated oscillator
  • the ability to work with a battery or power source
  • the ability to smoothly change the operating frequency
  • power supply: 5-12 DC

circuit Description

On the picture 1 shows a schematic diagram of a star. U1 Integrated Circuit is a 14-step digital binary counter. Q5 bits were used … Q8, in which clock states appear from 0000 to 1111. LEDs are connected to these bits..

rice. 1

On the picture 2 shows the waveforms at the outputs of Q5…Q8 and diode states for each clock cycle.

rice. 2

Elements R5, R6, PR1 and C3 set the frequency of the generator, integrated in the internal valves of the U1 system. The LED lighting frequency can be adjusted using the PR1 potentiometer., the parts located on the board are shown in the figure 3.

rice. 3

The necessary parts for assembly are shown in the figure. 4.

rice. 4

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