LED Power Adapter

No one needs convincing about the benefits of using LEDs in lighting. Pre submitted power supply provides the correct parameters of the diodes. This system is a stabilizer pulse current. A schematic diagram is shown in Figure. 1.

rice. 1

Stabilizer may be supplied on a DC voltage in the range 6 … 17 AT. The output current is controlled by potentiometer PR1.

Figure. 2 shows the output current characteristics as a function of resistance PR1.

rice. 2

The range of changes is between 50 mA to 1,2 BUT. MBI1801 circuit has built-in thermal protection, which protects it from damage. When the temperature reached 165 ° C yield deactivated. The device consists of only eight elements and complex assembly. After assembly only requires adjustment of the output current. The easiest way to do this – an ammeter connected in series with LEDs. Before turning on the power PR1 potentiometer should be set at maximum resistance. The input voltage should be about 2 … 3 The above, than necessary for the diode. Now turn on the power and set the desired output current using potentiometer PR 1. It may also be, that the limiting values ​​of the output current and the supply voltage required radiator chip MBI1801. It should also be remembered, that the minimum voltage shall be at least 6 AT.

rice. 3

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