The generator of rectangular pulses 1 Hz … 200 kHz

The device generates a square wave, the frequency of which is set to eight subbands. “heart” generator is built NE555 multivibrator, is used in its basic application. NE555 chip attached to the external components allow (in addition to the change of frequency) adjust the duty ratio and output voltage level. The scheme is very useful in any electronics lab. Due to its simplicity, oscillator circuit is very well suited for both beginners.generator Features

  • output – 1 Hz … 200 kHz square wave
  • frequency control in eight sub-bands
  • smooth control of the duty ratio
  • stepless regulation of output voltage level
  • power supply: 12 DC

Description of operation of the oscillator circuit

The device generates a square wave, which is determined in eight frequency subbands. The basis is the integrated circuit NE555 multivibrator, used in the basic application. Scheme generator shown in Figure. 1.

rice. 1

The output frequency depends on the elements R1, R2, P1, P2 and the total capacity of capacitors C2 … C9. Besides, can be adjusted by the duty cycle 5 to 95%. The assembly system is best to start with the soldering jumper, then soldered passive components, finally, insert an integrated circuit in the socket, and the generator is ready for operation.

The system must be provided with 12 In DC. Capacitors and resistors frequency can be changed according to your needs. The principle of selection is simple: the higher the capacitance C2 … C9, the lower frequency. The same applies to the resistors: the higher the resistance value, the lower frequency.

rice. 2

rice. 3

For the highest frequency values ​​suggested elements of the generated signal with a duty cycle 0,5 when powered by 12 The approximately 200 kHz, and the lowest 1 Hz.

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