Ultrasonic repeller cockroaches and not only

0Each house cockroaches are unwelcome. their presence, of course, is not conducive to comfortable living. Luckily, thanks to my experience in radio and Hostel accommodation, accumulated experience in fighting these enemies by means of ultrasonic generators. Suffice it for several hours a day periodically include ultrasonic repeller in apartment, to unwanted guests had left her forever. Here I want to share a simple diagram of the ultrasonic repeller cockroaches and not only.

Consider the schematic diagram of a powerful high-frequency generator. Frequency generating means is adjustable over a wide range via the resistor R1.1The basis for insect repellent device circuit is imported integrated circuit CD4047, which contains elements and trigger the multivibrator, forming symmetric and antiphase signals on outputs. These terminals connect the audio source. As the sound source is used piezoceramic transducer (squeaker by phone or sensors).
pulse generating frequency depends on the parameters of the circuit C2-R1-R2.

The printed circuit board unit turns compact enough even for elements in the DIP-packages.

CD4047By using this structure, responses could be argued that the device effectively not only in repelling roaches, but mosquitoes, midges, home red ants. I.e, considered repeller insects have universal. of course, that for each of the pest has its own daunting ultrasonic frequency range, which should be selected experimentally variable resistor R1.

2PCB in lay format:
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  1. The circuit does not work , heated chip ,the reason for byst Mauger?

  2. understood , everything is working, We are waiting for the effect)))

    • Be patient…. expect!!!!!!!
      Threat. beatific, who believe…….

  3. Soldered just three on the same board. whistling heard) Small cockroaches to visually do not react. Will wait.

  4. gone 3 day. The controversial question of the effectiveness of the device. Yesterday, one crawling on the wall at 20 cm from the source – slowly approaching and sending it to the ultrasound tried to adjust the frequency – any change is detected in the behavior of the cockroach. But creeping out tarakashek day was significantly less. There are three frequency not audible to the human range.

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