Repeller ants with their own hands

1Unlike cockroaches, mud and mess lovers, ants can even be found at the cleanest housewife. Even, conversely, the appearance of anthills can serve as an indicator of the environmental cleanliness of the home. Therefore, domestic measures to combat ants can not be limited only to restoring order and maintaining cleanliness.

As the ubiquitous and omnivorous ants settle in crevices and walls of buildings, in decorative trim panels, in flower pots and even in food lockers, then the fight against this pest is very difficult. In most cases, it is not possible to use a variety of chemical protective equipment.. Today, the electronic repellers of these insects have become quite effective. Yes, if you can, it’s better to buy such a device and get rid of these problems quickly. The choice of insect repellers on the Internet is quite large.

But if you have at least not much experience in the design of electronic circuits, you can make a simple and effective device for fighting ants. A circuit diagram of an ultrasonic generator for repelling ants is proposed.. Besides, the scheme proved to be excellent in the fight against cockroaches.1

This scheme, is a high frequency sound generator on integrated circuit 4047. Sound frequency is 22 kHz. Device current consumption about 120mA. DFor better insect control results, we recommend using an external power source. (12V adapter).
With proper assembly, the device works immediately and does not need additional configuration.


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